Friday, March 24, 2017

Ideas for a wedding proposal in 2017

Marriage Proposal Ideas With Surprise Celebrations

On your own partner's birthday, plan a "surprise party," and then pretend to destroy the surprise by having him or her get there early. When you propose, the real shock will be and all of your family and friends show up afterward to celebrate.
Plan a party full of family and friends at a bar near where you'll propose, and then suggest a celebratory drink after your partner says "yes."
Have your suggestion with friends and family, in a park a safe space away. Once you have proposed, have everyone show up for an impromptu celebration.

Proposals Caught on Camera

Hire a photographer to capture your proposition, but tell your partner you've won a romantic couple's photo shoot. Get dressed up and propose mid-shoot, and follow it up with an intimate engagement shoot.
Pick the best place to propose and have a photographer hide somewhere unobtrusive. Following your suggestion, your photographer can snap some posed photographs also.
Tell your fiance-to-be that you have been chosen for a couple's "casting call" at a studio, and then propose in front of the cameras.

Techie Proposals

Add a custom proposal "tune" to his or her go-to playlist on iTunes, or record an unexpected proposal podcast.
Have a friend take photos of you with posters that say, "will," "you," "wed" and "me?" Then make before you arrive, text the pictures in order, and plans to meet up in a special place. When the last message goes through, show up and get down on one knee.
Produce a web page declaring your love and proposal, and leave the web address written on it to a hint —do not say a word. After the proposal, announce the great news by sending the link to friends and loved ones.
Set up a live-stream channel (on and encourage all of your relatives and buddies to watch the proposal reside from wherever you decide to pop the question!

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Autumn and Winter Marriage Proposal Ideas

Rake the leaves in her or his yard to spell your proposal out.
During the holiday season, use outside string lights to write out, "Will you marry me?" on the front of your property, flat or yard. Station family and your friends covertly inside and produce an excuse to linger out front. Then have someone flip the switch to show the message.
Construct a scene of a snowman proposing, and tell your soon-to-be-fiance to look outside. Get down on one knee when they see the snowman.
Write, "Will you marry me?" on the bottom of a kite and take flight on a breezy afternoon.

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